Fundraising Lunch for Gazan family

Thank you to all those who attended and/or donated to our fundraiser for a family from Gaza who are now living in the Canberra community.

The event was very successful and a goodly sum has been donated to the family to help them with living expenses as they settle into their new home here. Donors will be emailed personally with details.

We had an afternoon full of warmth and kindness, a delicious home cooked meal and two artistic performances to round out a perfect day. Thanks to Nour and Iman for bringing dishes from your homeland traditions.

Thank you to Grace (Peng Hsiao-yin), Founder and Director of Dancecology from Taiwan, and a firm friend of Terroux, for an evocative and affecting dance performance of a work especially choreographed to welcome the new family and wish them peace in their new home.

Thank you to ANU jazz students Emma and Jess for a stellar performance of jazz standards to end our afternoon.

Thank you also to Cathy for working in the kitchen all day and to Akka for both kitchen and camera work.

The album below is a selection of performance images or Grace and of Emma and Jesse by Barbie Robinson, Writing with Light.